Minimum Standards in Refugee Accomodation Centres

In 2017 unicef published Minimum Standards for the Protection of Refugees and Migrants in Refugee Accommodation Centres. Now those minimum standards are translated and published in English. An annex on the Implementation of the Minimum Standards for Refugees and Migrants with Disabilities is the result of joint work undertaken by  several organisations, among them [...]

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Protection programme for disabled refugees

In November 2016 the Lebenshilfe Hamburg has published a protection programme for disabled refugees. The programme needs to consider all areas of housing, care and support of disabled refugees in each respective facility. This programme aims to provide extra protection for refugees who need help due to certain circumstances or characteristics (e.g. age, [...]

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Englisch: ZuFlucht Lebenshilfe

A Lebenshilfe Hamburg project for refugees with disabilities, their parents and relatives. Our aim is to support civic engagement by and for refugees so that the families affected by disabilities can get the best possible treatment and social support in this for them still foreign country. [...]

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